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This product covers all uSPEed cartridge options which use a silica based sorbent


SPEed Cartirdges are the ideal tool for micro SPE, elementary HPLC, and sample fractionation.


Using a one-way valve, sample loading and elution occurs in a single direction. Liquid is asspirated through the valve and onto the top of a sorbent bed. 


The positive displacment and high pressure of the digiVOL allows the use of 3µm sorbents to be used, resulting in clean and highly efficient seperations. 

µSPEed - Silica Sorbents


    Return your digiVOL within 30 days of purchase and we will provide a full refund and cover the shipping cost.


    digiVOL has been stress-tested to last 2 years of full-time use. We will provide a free replacement, if anything breaks from normal usage within 1 year.


    Our passionate and professional support team does their best to get you started and keep you running. We provide free standard product support for the life of your digiVOL. Just drop us a message at

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