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A 250µL syringe fitted with a µSPEed™ Cartridge comes with each digiVOL purchase.


To allow for more precise control over different sample sizes, we offer syringes of 5 different sizes in addition to the default 250µL syringe to choose from. 


Syringes can be quickly exchanged on digiVOL for optimum precision and accuracy. We have designed a range of 30mm scale syringes to provide a more ergonomic balance to digiVOL operation in the hand. These syringes are supplied with interchangeable µSPEed Cartridge and 80mm needle fittings.

digiVOL Syringes

  • A 250µl syringe is supplied with each purchase of digiVOL. Syringes of other sizes can be purchased individually. 

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