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The digiVOL is a high performance digital analytical syringe driver capable of aliquoting liquids, at pressure from 0.1µL to 5mL with exceptional accuracy and repeatability.


It has been specifically designed for the analytical (chromatography) laboratory with its ability to handle aqueous, organic and volatile solutions and perform microSPE and other sample preparation tasks. It also finds use in the biotechnology laboratories where high performance sequenced methods are required for sample isolation, enzyme reaction and nano volume dispensing.

digiVOL with Stand

  • digiVOL Driver Handle and programmable Controller Unit

    110/240-24-volt Power Pack (mains Type C13 computer cable not supplied)

    250µL digiVOL Syringe| µSPEed Adapter fitted

    2 x Standard Needles, 50mm

    2 x Hub Needles

    1 x µSPEed C18RPS-3µm/120Å Cartridge

    1 x µSPEed Silica-3µm/120Å Cartridge

    1 x µSPEed PS-DVB-3µm/300Å Cartridge

    1 x µSPEed PS-DVB-Phenyl-3µm/300Å Cartridge

    1 x digiVOL Stand

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