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The Analytical Syringe with a Brain

digiVOL Analytical Syringe

Achieve unsurpassed precision and accuracy with our ultra-precise, semi-automated high force digital syringe

See digiVOL in action:

What Our Users Say

Proteomics sample prep with digiVOL


digiVOL is a capable gadget with small footprint, which enables high throughput micro-SPE using µSPEed cartridges. This combination works particularly well with low-volume (µL) sample size, and as a result makes a significant reduction in extraction time and consumption of reagents, yet with comparable output to the traditional SPE. This is simply a step forward towards the future. 

Mohammad T., R & D Scientist



The digiVOL is a user-friendly and portable platform allowing precise, low-volume extractions using ePrep’s uSPEed cartridges. SPE protocols can be easily developed using the digiVOL software, with the ability to adjust a process sequence and the aspirate/dispense parameters. This technology can provide results comparable to conventional SPE even at trace levels and is simply a must-have if you want to reduce sample volumes in environmental analyses.

Daniel P., Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Copenhagen

digiVOL syringe piercing through a vial
How it Helps

How digiVOL Helps

Boost accuracy and precision

No more guess work!

Achieve a volume dispense accuracy of < 0.2% with a plunger displacement precision better than 10μm. Click           to view the precision and accuracy data of digiVOL.

Reduce sample and reagent size 

No more waste!

Standard solution preparation is so accurate over 1µL to 5mL volumes that single step dilutions will save reagent and solvent cost

Improve reproducibility of results

No more inconsistencies!

Increase validity by programming your methods into our highly precise tool of < 0.4% RSD repeatability 

Make preparation fast and easy

No more fussing around!

Use the inbuilt calibration standards calculator to automatically create the program steps, saving time and preventing errors

De-skill syringe operation

No more trial and error!

Focus your energy on conducting scientific research, not mastering the art of liquid dispensing 

Manually handling an analytical syringe
Lab assistant operating digiVOL digital analytical syringe
How it works

How digiVOL Works

Mouse Over Features to Learn More

digiVOL digital analytical syringe on the stand

Hand-Held or Stand Operation

Light and comfortable ergonomic handle with a button to perform Run, Start, and Abort functions.

With µSPEed Cartridges, digiVOL can be used for high resolution microSPE, filtering, and membrane separations.

Diverse Application

7” touch-screen controller for simple onscreen programming and operation.

Clear Control

A simple four-step method creation:

1. Select Syringe

2. Add Method Steps

3. Run Method

4. Save Method

Intuitive Creation

High Pressure Capability

The digiVOL features a high powered plunger motor, allowing high pressures without compromising accuracy.

Rapid Interchange

XCHANGE® technology enables rapid interchange between syringes to change volumes or avoid contamination.

Closeup operation of digiVOL operation with a vial
Who Need DigiVOL

Who Needs digiVOL

Small Sample Size Requirement

Whether it's for environmental, sample matrix, or financial reasons, you might end up with a number of samples that are too large to manage manually but too small to implement full automation

Need for Precise Dispensing

Reproducibility is the gold standard for science. Using digiVOL can help you achieve unparalleled consistency in your methods and make validation of your results easier

Working with Organic and Volatile Material

The gas tight analytical syringes of digiVOL eliminates the problems associated with volatile solvents and air pipette systems. It's also suitable for hazardous and corrosive chemicals

Featured Technology

Robot Syringe Change

digiVOL syringe change

Maintain precision and accuracy from 2.4µL to 5mL by simply changing the analytical syringe to suit the application.

digiVOL uses ePrep’s XCHANGE robotic tool change technology.  XCHANGE combines a mechanical connector and software routine enables simple and fast change the syringe and automatically resets operational settings for the installed syringe.

Note: A 250µL syringe is included in the initial purchase of digiVOL.

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